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Technical information for swimming pool tile

Construction design

Practical Method for Constructing Tiles

The production technology of our extrusion tiles will bring light distortion for some special part. In order to prevent distortion, it is better to combine diversified tiles for achieving best effect.

Practical Method for Calculating Width of Tiles Gap

A = Straight Line (Desired Length)

B = Place 8 tiles with short edges connecting each other;

C = Divide the different of A and B with 8 for getting the width of connecting point;

A’ = Straight Line;

B’ = Place 4 tiles with long edges connecting each other;

C’ = Divide the different of A and B with 4 for getting the width of connecting point.

Main Tile

Accessory Tile

Suggestion for Construction:


It is required to take the actual purpose (public, private, competition and hotel etc.) and type of users into consideration when designing swimming pool.

For example:

  ---Shape of swimming pool (common standard and irregular swimming pool);

  ---Size and depth of swimming pool;

  ---Overflow slot (type and installation area);

  ---Work room (water treatment and circulation);

  ---Parts (corridor stair, fixing parts, under water lighting lamp, gang board, platform, insulation seal etc.);

  ---Surrounding of the swimming pool (pedestrian area and feet washing pool etc.);

  ---Service area (change room, bathroom and toilet etc.)

Reinforce Concrete Swimming Pool

Most swimming pools are constructed on floor. It is necessary for achieving smooth installation and best effect to follow the regulations shown below::

These Swimming Pool Tiles are used for constructing swimming pool surface:

  ---Assure the tiles tightly binding with the floor;

  ---Inspect part of tiles through double side structure;

  ---Completely inspect the tiles through double sides and bottom;

After feeding water, please carefully check the close path (key part has concentrated pressure, it is easy for causing crack when shutting) and the parts (lamp, stair and partition) on the walls and bottom of the swimming pool.

Before constructing, it is suggested to follow the instructions of professional company. Check if the walls and floor meet the requirements of constructing tiles, thus preventing cracks caused by wall and foundation.

For example:

  ---If there’s steel bar exposing outside;

  ---If there’s cement blocks or protuberant connection;

  ---If there is expansion when feeding concrete;

  ---If there’s any remained wooden scrap;

  --- If the surface is frosted or polluted with oil or lubricant;

  ---The concrete foundation is not acclivitous.

The parts without constructing tiles shall be constructed according to design regulations. The walls must be completely vertical. Particularly if the bottom is constructed with thin adhesive instead of cement, if the wall foundation is not standard, it will be limit to adjust.

Check the Solidity and Seal of Swimming Pool External Shell

The external shell of swimming pool shall be naturally dried for 28 days, then feed water into it and wait for 2 more weeks.

Before formally using it, please immediately remove the defection if there’s leakage or deposit, Re-seal the external surface if it is necessary.

We are suggesting: even though the external shell of the swimming pool is constructed with reinforced concrete according to standard, in order to prevent problems, waterproof treatment for walls and floors is necessary under any condition.

Caution on Constructing Swimming Pool Tiles

Swimming Pool Tiles must be fixed on the open connection point with clay or other materials or adhesive.

No matteer which method is used, the flexible connection must be consistent with the connection of building, thus matching the building connection.

Place some flexible connections on the surface of tiles and the corner of wall every 20-25SQM. The building connections shall also be placed as the external wall and surrounding of the swimming pool, then adjust them for adapting the pressure when feeding and discharging water.

Fix Swimming Pool Tiles with Clay

Before fixing tiles on the walls, it is required to spread clay on back of the tiles.

Please use the clay according to the following regulations:

  ---The tiles for the bottom shall be fixed on thick clay with flexible connection;

  ---The other method of fixing flexible connection is to sue special silicone resin sealant whose color shall be the same as the connection of tiles;

  ---The tiles connection shall be filled with traditional or special waterproof and flexible cement.

Fix the Swimming Pool Tile with Adhesive

Spread adhesive onto the prepared walls with teeth trowel, assure adhesive is thick enough, the area of applying adhesive shall not exceed the tiles area, it can be adjusted if the adhesive is not dry.

The flexible connection shall also be filled with adhesive, it is required to bind with concrete with special product according to the production regulations.

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