Geoffering Ltd Foshan ceramic tiles export information and conditions

Quality of Foshan ceramic tiles

All our export tiles are first choice only (Grade 1). The factories supplies Asia and Europe markets including Italian companies with their own brands. We control ourselves all our orders and deliveries.

Our floor ceramic tiles are:
full body porcelain tiles = full body fully vitrified tiles = fully vitrified tiles or ceramic semi-vitrified tiles:
All ceramic tiles types and ceramic floor tiles classification
Tiles producing procedure
Wall tiles tiling method
Sizes, surface and weight are in metric
1 cm = 0.3937 inch
1 inch = 2.54cm = 25.4mm
1 sq meter = 1 M² = 10.7639 sq feet
1 sq feet = 0.0929 Sq Meter = 0.0929 M²
1 metric tonne = 1 MT = 0.9843 Long Ton
FOB delivery time
Average FOB delivery time is 15-20 days up to 5 containers in the port of Canton (Guangzhou)
Packaging, loading and freight
Max. loading in one 20' FCL is 27.5 MT without wooden pallet
Max. loading in one 20' FCL is 27 MT with wooden pallets
*Please check if any weight restriction in destination port.
Loading additional cost with pallets is about 150 USD per container.
Transport from factory (EXW) to Canton port is about 350 USD per container.

We offer FOB or CFR deliveries. Consult us for the sea freight cost.

How many models we load per container?

The usual rule is no more of one model per container.

For trial orders, we specially willing to supply up to 4 models from one collection in one container, but it has to be confirmed according to the stock availability.

For a new production minimum order quantity is 2~3FCL per model or customers could place order based on our stock list and production schedule.


We load for each order a lot of samples of tiles models from our Web site not according with the the customer needs and requests.

Searching & commercial services

Our commercial service can seek any type of tile for a special purpose if we get precise information (use, size and FOB target price). If your are not yet a Geoffering Ltd customer consult us about the conditions.

Ceramic tile & other building materials mixed containers

Upon request we can supply mixed containers loaded with ceramic tiles and sanitary ware or any other items from our Building Materials Department. Freel free to consult us about conditions.

We have a good experience in supplying all the building material for houses or apartment buildings including sanitary ware, ceramic tile, PVC pipes, doors, windows, hardware, suspended ceilings, air conditioning, electric or solar or hair source water heaters..

Other services

CE approval ceramic gasoline, diesel or electric forklift trucks to unload and move pallets.