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Glass bricks information


Hollow Glass Brick is a kind of high-class decorative building material which is made by glass and formed by 2 pieces of half-body Glass Blocks melt-connected under high temperature. Nowadays it is widely used in modern construction projects indoor and outdoor due to its easy way of installation and multi-functional capabilities below:

1. Environmental Protection
Same as the traditional glass, Hollow Glass Brick is a kind of transparent material made by inorganic minerals melted under high temperature. With the specialties covering avirulent, non-polluted, nonradioactive, non-irritant, non-odor and mothproof, it is proved to be a "green" building material with never any infraction. By an effective decrease of the light pollution from other materials living arround, Hollow Glass Brick becomes one of the best materials in indoor decoration use and to adjust the interior light.

2. Heat resistance
By its vacuum body structure, Hollow Glass Brick enables an efficient light absorption without increasing the room temperature in Summer season and in Winter, it could effectively prevent the emanation of the room quantity of heat

3. Frost resistance
Hollow Glass Brick could be used in any world-wide area especially those with big different temperature indoor and outdoor due to its character of hardly being frosted. The maximum temperature difference could be 40 degree centigrade between inside temperature and outside temperature.

4. Sound Insulation
Also by its vacuum body structure, Hollow Glass Brick could be used in exterior wall to reduce the occupy area of the glass window to allow a better light absorption and sound insulation. Being the interior wall, Hollow Glass Brick could enhance the interior light absorption and remain the sound insulation in the same time.

5. Fire resistance
Fire resistance limit of Hollow Glass Brick is 72 minutes, which is approved as "Grade A" in China National Fire Resistance Standard which has only Grade A/B/C.

6. High brightness and Low transparence
Hollow Glass Brick could be a most effective building material to protect the privacy while remaining the room light absorption. It brings a soft and average light spread inside the room to avoid any comfortlessness caused by the direct sunlight.

7. High intensity
With the super high intensity body, Hollow Glass Brick could be a theft proof use for home use or public.

8. Atomization Resistance
With this specialty, Hollow Glass Bricks are always in a natural surface looking without any dew or atomization even under a room temperature of 20 degree Centigrade while outdoor temperature is -2 degree centigrade. This could avoid the erosion towords the product from mirage.

4 series are available

Colored series
22 models
Colorless series
30 models
In-colored series
6 models
Particular series
4 models

Hollow Glass Brick Classification and Supply Availability
* means supply available

Name of Series
Supply Availability
= Flat glass can be see through
=Internal frosted glass faces
Pattern Design
= internal pattern glass faces
Colorless Flint glass
Colored Colored edging only
Internal-Painted Colored body only (edging excluded)
Particular Special purpose used in installation
Note: All designs are processed in inner face of the Hollow Glass Bricks to remain two external surfaces plain and flat. 

Export information

Regular size


Particular Size Range



Thickness of the Glass block piece (before forming as Hollow Glass Brick): 7~10mm depends on the pattern designs.



 Packing: Export standard neutral carton packing, 6pcs/14kgs/0.02cbm/ctn for regular size 190x190x80mm.

Loading example for regular size 190x190x80mm:

1x20'FCL with wooden pallet packing = 20 pallets = 1200cartons = 7200pcs of Hollow Glass Brick

Palletization Size: 1.14x1.08m
1 pallet = 60cartons = 360pcs of Hollow Glass Brick

1x20'FCL without wooden pallet packing = 1417cartons = 19838kgs = 8502pcs of Hollow Glass Brick

Minimum order quantity

For Regular size range (190x190x80mm) no Minimum order Quantity for regular 6~10 models, please check with us regular model designs.

For Particular size range: Half 20'FCL per model or depends on our production schedule for less order quantity.


Sending fees are always at buyer cost, without any exception. With any order we send freely samples from the Web site or new models.
- to reduce the cost we send 10x10 cm cut pieces
- If you don't have a DHL or other major Courier Company account the DHL fees have to be paid directly in your country and if not possible by prior TT or Western Union transfer to us before the sending.
- If any order (s) we deduce 100 US$ per order from the invoice amount(s) till the you will get the courier fees back.

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