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Glass bricks construction guidance

1) Before starting please make sure to have enough quantity of Plastic spacers and Rectangle wood piecesin size of 5cm width and 0.4cm thickness with quantity same as the number of rows.


2) Following the size of construction area to prepare the wooden frame. 


3) Prepare the Special Adhesive mixed by Cement, Sand and gumwater before installation and use it within one hour to remain its adhesiveness.


4) Lay the adhesive on side face of the brick and start the brick installation piece by piece from the down corner of the wood frame. Make sure that all 4 corners of each brick are screwing with a plastic spacer.


5) To enable a better fixing for side bricks and end bricks of the construction wall, the plastic spacers need to be cut as L-shape or T-shape before screwing in.


6) After installation of each row, a rectangle wood piece could be inserted into the upper gap of the plastic spacer to be a horizontal ruler to make sure that each brick of the same row is properly installed. Wood pieces are not necessary to be removed after installation since they will be hidden by adhesive and glass cement.


7) After installation of the whole construction, please take off the outer part of spacers and remove the overmuch adhesive in the gaps.

8) 8~12 hours after the dry and hard of the Adhesive, a colored glass cement could be used to fill in the Glass brick gaps to enhance the intensity of construction and to decorate the looking.

9)  Two Tips:

If the Hollow Glass Brick will be installed with Metal materials e.g. Aluminum, stainless steel etc., a 5mm thickness of Insulated layer is requested to be a compartment to avoid Metal rust caused by cement surface connection.

For exterior Wall installation use, White Cement #425 is requested to be the main ingredient of the adhesive to guarantee no leakage of water.

10)  Calculation Methods:

- Plastic spacer quantity ≈ Glass brick quantity

- Inner size calculation of the wooden frame:

aLength of a single brick + 1cm (thickness of the spacer) A

bA * brick quantity of each row B

cB + 1cm C

dC means the inner length and width of the wooden frame.

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