China porcelain borders and floor decoration

Porcelain wall and floor border, carved by water-jet cutting and enchased by different kinds of polished porcelain tile, is widely used in Porcelain wall and floor decoration in public area e.g plaza, hotel lobby, halls, and/or meeting room.

Due to its high density porcelain tile body, low water absorption(below 1%) and colorful tile combination choices, it's more durable in quality than Ceramic wall and floor border. As it's an enchased tile but not a printing tile, it could be easily processed to customization designs in desirous size choices to make the holistic decoration design more higher class and more flexible.

Processing by various different colors of Polished porcelain tile, we manufacture more than one hundred models of wall and floor borders in classical or modern designs with 1st choice quality tile and advanced processing skills.

China porcelain border H2-301 corner cell H2-301c
H2-301 H2-301C
China porcelain border H2-302 corner cell H2-302c
H2-302 H2-302C
China porcelain border H2-303 corner cell H2-303c
H2-303 H2-303C
China porcelain border H2-304
China porcelain border H2-305 corner cell H2-305c
H2-305 H2-305C
China porcelain border H2-306 corner cell H2-306c
H2-306 H2-306C
China porcelain border H2-307 China porcelain border H2-308
H2-307 H2-308
China porcelain border H2-309 China porcelain border H2-310
H2-309 H2-310
Border unit
available length: 600mm / 800mm
available width: 120mm / 130mm / 150mm
available thickness: 9mm / 10mm
Corner unit
available size: 120x120mm / 130x130mm / 150x150mm
available thickness: 9mm / 10mm
in cartons.
class 3Group 5. Polished fully vitrified full body tiles = Polished full body porcelain tiles
Tiles classification
Tiles used in heavy commercial traffic areas such as exterior areas, shopping centers, airports, hotel lobbies, public walkways..