Semi vitrified Stoneware tiles


Stoneware tile is a kind of construction ceramics which also named as Semi-Vitrified tile. With a firing temperature as high as 1180 degree Celsius, the stoneware tile is in more compact structure and higher density body than Ceramic tile, for this point people could see from its section or broken edge a stone shape cracking surface.

With a mechanical strength higher than Ceramic tile but lower than Porcelain tile, Stoneware tile is usually in a water absorption range of 0.5%~10% due to different raw materials quality and the technical control skill from different production bases. But basically, a same collection of tile from a same production line will be in a same water absorption and a same quality control.

Currently in the market there are various kind of tiles for example what we called Antique tiles, Crystal-glazed tiles, Classic tiles, Homogenous tile, Matt tiles etc…All of them are exactly Stoneware tile. With a wide variety of color and pattern choice, a high ratio of performance to price and a wide range of application, Stoneware tile is now very popular in China domestic and abroad for engineering and home consumers. Due to the strong anti-slip function and the good wear resistance characters, Stoneware tile could be used indoor or outdoor for wall and floor tiling, such as building hall, rooms, terrace, balcony, kitchen and restroom, even for exterior wall use.

Homogenous floor tile collection

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3D Rustic tile collection

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Tiling Advice

Stoneware tile is a semi-vitrified tile produced in one time disposable pressing and one-time firing, the tile edge will be remained as its originals without any more edge processing, hence a size difference of 0.5% more or less is normal. To solve this problem we suggest our users to keep a 1~3mm tiling seam by Plastic tiling crossing between each tile. If you do mind the dimensional tolerance, we suggest you to better consider Fully-vitrified porcelain body tile with rectified edging.