Class 3

Stoneware 3D-Rustic tiles Collection »

Tiles that are suited for light to medium commercial applications, such as offices and sales rooms.


Starting from Year 2011 but developing mostly in Year 2013 by upgraded quality and designs, Stoneware 3D tile is becoming more and more a new fashion choice in decoration of residential house, Public area or commercial places e.g. Coffee shop, Bar, Restaurant...etc. due to its realistic lines texture, the natural looking, the real touch feeling and most important, the popular consumption levels.

Since the Stoneware 3D tiles are modeled on natural wood/natural stone/real textile in both surface and color, they are in a 99% same looking as their original materials looking whatever you see from a far place or look it closely. As for the sense of touching, by the In-MAX digital inkjet printing technology and the advanced abrasive processing way, we can completely copy the real wood/stone/textile grain texture, color and the concavity. The only difference, if we have to find one out, it should be the touching temperature, as you know Tile is always cold in any season while textile is usually warm except silk in any season and wood normally would be warm in Winter and cool in summer.

Stoneware 3D tile is made in Mat-glazed treatment, which enable the tile easily to be cleaned up and maintained by water wash directly. It is regarded as a green building materials in our daily life due to it characters of flame retardant and non-corrosive.

Technical Data

Test Item Provisions of Standard Test Result
Pass Fault
Length & Width The deviation of the average size
for each tile from the work size
± 1.2% 10 0
The deviation of the average size for each tile
from work size of the 10 test spacimens
± 0.75%
Surface quality No defects on tile surface
observed one meter away
112 2

Test Item Provisions of Standard Test Result Judgement
Water absorption 3% <Average≤ 6%
Individual ≤ 6.5%
E=3.7 Pass
Modulus of rupture Average ≥ 22Mpa
Individual ≥ 20Mpa
R=39 Pass
Breaking strength S ≥ 1000N S=1206 Pass

Test Item Provisions of Standard Judgement
Thermal shock resistance No broken and/or breakage
in 10 times test
Frost resistance No surface cracks and/or
spalling in 100 times test