Tile Classification

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Tiles used in heavy commercial traffic areas such as exterior areas, shopping centers, airports, hotel lobbies, public walkways.


Micro crystal tile also named as "Crystallized Porcelain Composite Tile", it is the 5th generation product in Micro-crystal composite tile which compound with Micro-Crystallized glass layer and porcelain body through firing in high temperature. Due to its' perfect jade sense feeling and strong stereoscopic caused by the bead-like pattern naturally immersed in the crystallized glass layer, it is now more and more popular in the market and becomes the best choice for indoor and outdoor use for both wall and floor high-class decoration at home or for commercial areas starting in year 2013.

Depends on the thickness of the Micro-Crystallized glass layer, the Micro Crystal Tile could be divided into Thick Collection in thickness 1.1~1.5mm and Thin Collection in thickness 0.7~1mm. Considering the container loading weight and quantity and to save sea freight in Export business, here we recommend Thin collection of Micro Crystal Tile in thickness glass layer 0.8mm.


Compare with natural stone and porcelain, our Micro crystal tile has many advantages as below:

1. High glossiness
With 5~6 times of surface polishing by different raw materials, the glossiness of Micro Crystal Tile reaches 95 degree, which is much more than natural stone and porcelain.
2. High intensity and hardness
The Micro Crystal Tile is in density of 2.65~2.7 and hardness 6.5~7.0, with compressive strength 500 Mpa. All the technical data are much higher than natural stone.
3. High stability
The acid-performance of Micro Crystal Tile is up to level A, it won’t be damaged in serious atmosphere pollution and acid rain frequency region, even exposed in heavy rain and serious polluted environment.
4. Non-absorbent, anti-pollution, free-maintenance
By high temperature firing process, the hardness of Micro Crystal Tile is as same as Crystal glass whatever inside or outside. Especially the Micro Crystal glass layer, the water absorption is ZERO while the porcelain body is in water absorption below 0.3%.
5. Good Frost resistance and thermal shock resistance
The thermal expansion coefficient of the Micro Crystal Tile is very small, which make it in uniform thermal conductivity and in good resistance to thermal shock. It can be assured to stand for any awful weather such as ice freezing season, heavy snow, or in temperature 100 degree C below ZERO.
6. Rich color but ZERO color difference
Micro Crystal Tile could be available in wide color choices including white, yellow, blue, green, gray, black, red and others. Some of the special colors you could never found in natural stone, especially the elegant pure white, which completely look like jade. By strict control in all the producing processes, Micro Crystal Tile could be made without color difference in a same batch production.
7. Never fade
Micro Crystal Tile is in super stability as all its' inorganic materials and ingredients are melt as one whole body under a high temperature of 1,500 °C.
8. High level of environmental performance
Micro Crystal Tile is an 100% "Green Product" which without any radioactive material due to the inactivation of LEAD or Cadmium after high temperature firing processes.
9. Economic product cost
Our Micro Crystal Tile is in 35%~50% price lower than pure crystal glass and most of the Natural stone materials, so the ordinary people could enjoy a top decoration sense by a low cost paid.


  • Available Size: 800*800 Details pls consult us.
  • For any request mention the collection name "Micro Crystal", the reference of the model and the size.
  • Tile colors are indicative: the color of product takes the real as standard.

Technical Data

ITEM European Standard Our Standard
EN176 GB/T 4100-2006
Water absorption (E) Average E ≤ 3%
Single E ≤ 3.3%
Average 0.5% < E ≤ 3%
Single E ≤ 11%
Fracture strength (N) ---- Thickness ≥ 7.5mm ≥ 1100N
Breaking Mould (Mpa) ≥ 27 Mpa Average E ≥ 30 Mpa
Single E ≥ 27 Mpa
Abrasion Resistance (mm³) ≤ 205mm³ ≤ 174mm³
Thickness (%) S ≤ 190cm² 190 < S ≤410cm² S ≤ 190cm² S > 1600cm²
±10 ±5 ±10 ±5
Difference of the average size
and working size of single tiles
S ≤ 410cm² S ≤ 1600cm² 410 < S ≤ 1600cm² S > 1600cm²
± 0.75% ± 0.6% ± 0.6% ± 0.5%
Tolerant distortion (%) Right angle level ± 0.6% Area ≤ 1600cm ≤ ± 0.4%
Flatness Straightness ± 0.5% Area ≤ 1600cm ≤ ± 0.3%
Appearance quality Delamination (except the fraud delamination) At least 95% of the tiles hasn't visible
defections which may influence the quality
Not permit
Color difference Not obvious watching at the
distance of 2m to the tiles
Other defections (Ratio of incorrect checking) ≥ 5% watching at the
distance of 0.8m to the tiles