Semi vitrified ceramic wall and floor tiles


Glazed tile is a general name for a ceramic body or porcelain body tile printing with colors or patterns on surface and being glazed before firing in a high temperature of 1100 degree C. In short, Glazed tile is a kind of tile consists of Tile body plus a glaze layer on top surface. Here the "Glazed Tile" we mean is Glazed Ceramic body tile.

With a large variety of design and pattern printings on tile surface, Glazed Tile provides to engineers and home consumers a wide range of model choices but mainly for wall decoration due to it’s weaker wear resistance character than Polished porcelain tile. The main effect of the glaze layer is to increase the ornamental of products and to play a good role in dirt prevention.

According to the luster of glazed layer, the Glazed tile could be divided into Glossy/Shiny glazed tile and Mat-glazed tile. Glossy surface is good for cleaning while mat surface looks more fashion, customers could make choice depends on their actual use.

Glazed tile Collection

  1. Pure color glazed tilesPure color glazed tiles
  2. Glazed tileRegular size glazed tiles
  3. Glazed bordersGlazed borders
  4. Glazed listelloGlazed listellos

Classic tile Collection

  1. Regular size classic tiles
  2. Step tile Sets


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